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Instapage: Best Converting Landingpages for Desktop AND Mobile Visitors

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Instapage is by far the best tool to create landing pages for both: Desktop AND Mobile.

I have tested many tools for landing pages, but Instapage is the clear winner; mainly because their mobile landing pages are really awesome!

What it does: 

The offers and features of Instapage are well described on their website

You may also watch this introduction to see how it works:

Why I recommend it:

Because I simply love everything about it:

  • The 100% optimized mobile landing pages
  • The ease-of-use of Instapage (you don't need a developer anymore!)
  • The high conversion rates it provides for any campaign on Facebook, Google or other ad networks
  • The analytics features integrated
  • A/B testing on landing pages (for serious marketing pros!)
  • Super-easy integrations into Wordpress


As of today it does cost a little more than other landing page solutions, but believe me: It's a much better deal than anywhere else if you see the results!

A must-have tool if you invest in online advertisement!

Andrea Anderheggen

Andrea Anderheggen
Founder & CEO, SalesGrowth GmbH 

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