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Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist (3rd Edition)

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Introduction by the Author

Why Do I recommend it?

Venture Deals by Brad Feld is a must-read book if you want to raise venture capital.

It gives you a large number of insights into how the venture industry works, what terms you should watch out and many other aspects.

It's a book that I have read a bit too late (after 4 VC rounds already) and that I wish I had read before even starting with it...

So, if you're planning to raise venture money, I highly recommend this book.

Andrea Anderheggen

Andrea Anderheggen
Founder & CEO, SalesGrowth GmbH 

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Description on Amazon

Author: Brad Feld

Edition: 3

ISBN: 1119259754

Number Of Pages: 304

Publisher: Wiley

Release Date: 2016-12-12

Details: As each new generation of entrepreneurs emerges, there is a renewed interest in how venture capital deals come together. Yet there is little reliable information focused on venture capital deals. Nobody understands this better than authors Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. For more than twenty years, they've been involved in hundreds of venture capital financings, and now, with the Second Edition of Venture Deals, they continue to share their experiences in this field with you.

Engaging and informative, this reliable resource skillfully outlines the essential elements of the venture capital term sheet--from terms related to economics to terms related to control. It strives to give a balanced view of the particular terms along with the strategies to getting to a fair deal. In addition to examining the nuts and bolts of the term sheet, Venture Deals, Second Edition also introduces you to the various participants in the process and discusses how fundraising works.
  • Fully updated to reflect the intricacies of startups and entrepreneurship in today's dynamic economic environment
  • Offers valuable insights into venture capital deal structure and strategies
  • Brings a level of transparency to a process that is rarely well understood
Whether you're an experienced or aspiring entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or lawyer who partakes in these particular types of deals, you will benefit from the insights found throughout this new book.
EAN: 9781119259756