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Mailtag: Understand if and when your emails get read! (Gmail Plugin)


How do you know if and when people are reading your emails?

MailTag allows you to understand if, when and how frequently people read your emails.

If you are working in sales or generally like to know if your emails are read: MailTag is the must-have add-on to your Gmail mailbox.

What it does:

The features of MailTag are well described on their website:

It works in the Google Chrome browser for Gmail addresses.

The top 2 features I use and love are: 

  • Tracking whether emails get read
  • Scheduling of emails, when you want to send an email later on.

This video here explains it well too:


Why I recommend it:

When it comes to emails I know two kinds of people:

1. People that always want to have zero unread emails in their inbox (me for instance).

2. People that can live with 20,000 unread emails easily. 

When you try to reach someone by email it is important to know to which of the two groups your email recipient belongs.

You can save a lot of time if you know if and when your emails have been read.


You can also get an idea of how appealing your emails are or whether you may need to write them differently.

It's a fact:

If someone does not read your email, probably you need to write a better one or try reaching that person through another channel.

And that's what MailTag is helping you understand.

Highly recommended!

All the best,

Andrea Anderheggen




Test it for free

Today you can still test MailTag for free for some time. So have a look to it:


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