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Venture Capital: Quick Deal Calculator (Excel)

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Product Highlights

This calculator may save you millions of dollars in the future or least hours of figuring out a suggested venture deal.

It provides a quick understanding of standard VC deal terms.

It includes:

A quick calculator of pre- and post-money valuations based on share prices
A clear definition of standard liquidation preferences
Transparency on exit scenarios from $1m to $1bn (Waterfalls)
Distribution charts to visualize the exit scenarios

General Product Description

It's a fact:

Negotiating with Venture Capital or Private Equity firms is often an unfair game for founders and entrepreneurs:

Professional investors have a lot more experience with such deals than entrepreneurs: After all, it's their job!

As explained in my blog post and podcast Venture Capital: 14 Untold Lessons After Raising $45m (Guide), when dealing with VCs you should always:

Do the math! Always!

Now, if you understand how much each shareholder gets in a future exit scenario, you understand what kind of deal you are signing today.

And here's the idea for this quick calculator:

Provide a simple excel model to calculate basic deal terms usually seen in term sheets of VCs and Private Equity firms.

That means:

  • The Pre- and Post-Money Valuation: a simple cap table
  • The exact definition of the liquidation preference
  • Waterfall exit scenarios from $1m up to $1bn
  • Distribution charts visualizing the waterfall exit scenarios

And because there are 4 types of liquidations preferences, this quick calculator includes 4 sheets depending on which liquidation preference the VC may suggest.

Now, to be clear:

VCs are often very creative when it comes to deal terms.

So whenever a liq pref is not "standard", this calculator may not give you a perfect base to understand a deal.

Furthermore, cap tables and waterfalls scenarios tend to become way more complicated in Series-B, Series-C, etc. rounds.

For these cases, this calculator can only give you a general idea on how to calculate VC terms.


I wish you all the success you deserve for being a brave entrepreneur and addressing VCs!

Let me know what you think of this product by letting a review below or on one of our social sites.

Thank you!

Andrea Anderheggen

Andrea Anderheggen
Founder & CEO, SalesGrowth GmbH 

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Detailed Data Description

Please have a look at our statics in the product images above.

Here are a few basic data related to these statistics:

Collection on SalesGrowth: Venture Capital Essentials
Last Update: 10/02/2018
File types: ZIP-File including 1 Excel File
Download-Size: 94KB
Data Types included:
  • Definitions of the 4 frequently used liquidation preference types
  • Calculation of Pre- and Post-Money valuations based on the share price and number of existing shares
  • Section to define liquidation preferences (4 frequently used standard types)
  • Section to calculate various exit scenarios from $1m to $1bn.
  • 2 Distribution charts to visualize exit proceeds.

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This calculator only provides a standard model on how to calculate venture terms. Because most deals have their specific details to consider, this calculator can by no means give a complete or accurate understanding of a particular deal.

It does only give an indication of how to calculate frequently used terms in the venture industry.

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