Shopify: eCommerce Made Easy For All Company Sizes

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Shopify is the most successful E-Commerce platform ever.

It makes it extremely easy to launch a powerful online store and saves you thousands of hours you would spend elsewhere with technical matters.


It is far more customizable than you may think when looking at a SaaS/Cloud solution.

Shopify does also offer an enterprise product typically used by eCommerce companies doing $1m-$500 in revenue: Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus

What it does: 

Shopify is the most successful eCommerce platform worldwide.

The Shopify platform is described on their website or on the Shopify Plus page here:

You may also watch this introduction to see how it works:



The intro video for Shopify Plus:

And one more video I recommend when considering Shopify:

The inspiring documentary about Shopify its backgrounds and the path to becoming a public company:


Why I recommend it:

It offers many if not all of the typical Software-as-a-Service benefits, yet stays highly customizable:

  • No hosting needed: Saving hosting costs and time for server management.
  • Many design templates to chose from: Even the free ones are awesome!
  • Super easy integration and management of 3rd party plugins
  • Large Shopify App Store with almost all you need to run a great eCommerce business
  • Customizable templates, CSS, etc.
  • New since 2018: Marketing support in the merchant admin.
  • Shopify Plus: If you want even more customizations you may apply for the enterprise program "Shopify Plus". 


If you start an eCommerce business or if you want to do eCommerce even on a larger scale, Shopify is the first choice.

And whenever you believe Shopify reaches its limits, have a look to their app store. You'll probably find all the extras you can think of there...

Shopify offers a 14-days free trial on their website:

And if you have big plans, you may also book a tour and check Shopify Plus here: 🚀

All the best, 

Andrea Anderheggen

Andrea Anderheggen
Founder & CEO, SalesGrowth GmbH 

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Shopify and SalesGrowth are independent companies. The SalesGrowth Growth Store runs on Shopify.